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The Venerable Starfire II is now available in Turbine or EDF from Tamjets using our super efficient TamJets Intake and Inlet ducting Modification. It's a great sport jet that can be dressed up to look like a fighter- with performance to match.

Span: 50 1/4"
Length: 62 1/4"
Wing Area: 620 sqin
Weight: 10-13 lbs
Power plant: TJ100, DS-94 or P-60 turbine

Deluxe Epoxy Kit Features:
One Piece Pre-primer Fiberglass Fuselage with Integral Vertical Fin
Interform Recess Molded Fiberglass
Access hatch One Piece Fiberglass Inlet
Ready to Install Fiberglass Exhaust Ducts
All Formers and Bulkheads Precut and sanded ready to install
Balsa Pre-sheeted Foam Core Wings and Horizontal Stabs with LE installed
Flaps are standard feature
Landing Gear Blocks installed in Wings
Optional Plug in Wings
Vacuum Formed Clear Canopy with Fiberglass Canopy Frame
Standard hardware package included
Instruction Manual

Parts required:
Funkey stock retract (optional with Pro-link struts with light weight MPI wheels/brake)
Turbine installation kit (Tamjets Intake/Inlet, Bypass, Fuel cells, Air Trap Tanks, Fuel line and D/W pipe)
EDF (Tamjets Intake/Inlet for TJ100)

Special Edition TamJets Intake and Inlet ducting Modification for EDF or Turbine Conversion
Tamjets complete upgrade hardware package (EZ servo mounts, flap hinges, control horn, Sulivance 4-40 Gold Clevis and push rod kit)
Pylons and missles

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