gfsNever thought about owning an A-4? Well think again.
The Tamjets A-4 spent over a year in testing before the production kits were built. Through minor design refinements and dozens of hours of flight testing, Tamjets has produced the best flying A-4 on the market. This A-4 takes off and lands like “butta”. Scale rotation on takeoff and main wheel landings are among some of the excellent characteristics of this great flying jet. In the air it’s on rails. Scale looks, perfect size and powered by a Jetcat P-60 makes the A-4 an ideal every day flyer. Short runway, no problem. When set up as as recommended the A-4 can take off and land in 400 ft. Whether you want a US Navy configuration or a USMC configuration the Tamjets A-4 meets the needs for those who want a scale looking every day flier that is easy to transport, economical and fun!

Watch the A-4 in action, in the following videos:

  • Three TJ A-4's- EDF and Turbine - NEW
  • A-4 EDF Video 4
  • Blue Angel A-4 ARF with P-60SE
  • A-4 Video 1
  • A-4 Video 2
  • Blue Angel Video
  • A-4 Test Flight
  • A-4 being flown by Ali Machinchy of Als Hobbies

  • Specifications:
  • Fuselage: 70"
  • Wingspan: 48"
  • Power: Jetcat P-60 or P-70
  • Weight: 19-20 lbs dry
  • Kit features:

    All composite wings and stabs, split flaps, pre-cut former, aluminum wings receiver, hinges, EZ servo mount, push rod, clevis, hardware and detailed instruction manual.
    Parts required to complete:

  • Landing gear package
  • Turbine install kit (fuel tanks, UAT and D/W tailpipe)
  • Gear door aircylinder and triggle valve

  • Available in the following kit forms:

  • Basic Kit
  • Blue Angel ARF Kit - The Classic Blue Angels Scheme
  • Primer ARF Kit
  • Painted ARF Kit - Trainer Scheme
  • Custom Painted ARF Kit
  • Turn-Key Ready to Fly Aircraft

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