Tamjets undercarriage and landing gear are built from 7075 T6 Aluminum Alloy, and provide the utmost strength and durability while providing you the lightest weight. We also make 90 degree rotating mains for your scale requirements. Tamjets heavy duty landing gear mechanisms feature over sized air cylinders which allow more power for smooth operation and the ability to swing heavy scale wheels and tires.

Complete landing gear packages are available for all of our jet kits which include:

  • landing gear mechanism
  • oleo struts
  • wheels & brakes
  • retract valve
  • fill valve & fittings
  • air tanks & airline
  • Gear sequemcers, air struts, and other landing gear accessories are also available in our store. Some gear examples and packages are shown below. Also be sure to check out our Gear Failsafe system.

    Examples of Tamjets landing gear:

  • Composite F-16 Gear Package
  • Nose Gear - Direct Linkage
  • Rafale Retract System
  • F-15 Landing Gear
  • F-18 Undercarriage Package

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