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Here is another great F-16 from Tamjets for the EDF and Turbine enthisiast. After over a year of flying the EDF 1:12 scale F-16, we decided to build a stronger turbine version for P-60 or Wren 44 power plant. The prototype turbine conversion has been flying almost a year now. Based on the prototype testing, we improved the structural design and strength for turbine use.

For many who are cutting back or thinking differently in a tough economy high fuel cost and getting around can be very expensive with bigger vehicle. This compact F-16 will fit in any small sedan and allow you to operate a turbine or EDF jet on a smaller budget all around. Now you still can had all that fun like the bigger scale jet with lower cost.

Check out the videos:
1:12 F-16 Turbine Tiger
1:12 F-16 w/P-60 SE

Length: 54"
Wingspan: 42"
Weight: 9-10 lbs
Power: 9-13 lbs thrust

Parts required:
Turbine (P-60SE or Wren 44)
Retract and wheel/brake
Pipe, Sullivance fuel cells and UAT kit

Landing gear package
Gear door air cylinders and valve
Scale Cockpit kit

Color Schemes available:
Edward AB
General Dynamic
Thunder Bird
Tiger Meet (*extra cost)


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