gfs The new Tamjets F-16 is the response to our customers request. This is the second generation F-16 featuring all composite construction and scale features including individually formed gear doors and panel lines through out. In addition this kit comes with a complete high quality hardware kit and option scale cockpit that makes building a pleasure. This F-16 flies with the use of elevons. Think you need ailerons? Think again. Right after rotation you will have already forgotten that this is an elevon model. Powered by a Jetcat P-60 or P-70 the F-16 puts on an excellent show for any crowd. Want a scale jet but do not have a scale budget? The Tamjets F-16 is the aircraft for you. The perfect every day flier, handles wind well, it’s the perfect transition jet in to scale flight. The Tamjets F-16 will help you learn to carry power in on your landings without biting you. Slow flight? The Tamjets F-16 will make a slow fly by that makes you scratch your head and say wow.

Need to be convinced? Watch the Video.

Need more power? Watch the 1:8 F-16 with a Titan in action.


  • Fuselage: 72"
  • Wingspan: 51 "
  • Power: Jetcat P-60 or P-70
  • Weight: 16-17.5 lbs dry
  • Kit features:

    All composite, panel lines, super light weight, super strong carbon fiber tube wings spar system, bearing elevator system, gear doors, complete high quality hardware package and the fully detailed Tamjets instruction manual that've all grown to love.

    Parts required to complete:

  • Landing gear packagegfs
  • Turbine install kit (fuel tanks, UAT and D/W tailpipe)
  • Gear door aircylinder and triggle valve
  • Optional Cockpit kit
  • Available in the following kit forms:

  • Primer ARF Kit
  • Painted ARF Kit - Edwards or Thunderbirds scheme
  • Custom Painted ARF Kit
  • Limited Edition Custom Painted ARF Kit
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