TJ100 specifications:

  • 100mm ID
  • Weight 1.5 lbs with motor & ESC
  • NeuMotor 1515 series motor
  • Power range from 2.5kw to 4.2kw

gfsTamjets is pleased to offer the TJ100 EDF propulsion system to the electric jet enthusiast. After 2 years of research and development the TJ100 system is ready for prime time.

The TJ100 fan system was designed by Aeronautical Engineer Bob Parks. Bob utilized the NeuMotor 1515 seriesof brushless motors in the TJ100 EDF propulsion system for maximum efficiency. The result of this combination produces a high velocity up to 230mph at 11 lbs of static thrust. No other fan on the market can produce this kind of performance and efficiency combo under 4.2kw.

With our experience and test data we can adjust the power setting and recommend what is the most efficient for your aircraft set up. 

The batteries supplying the power also play very import role of the power system. Once again, the  TJ100 propulsion system is designed to utilize standard 22-25C rated cells to produce maximum power. Most other fan units are running over 110A or using a high number of cells to produce comparable power. The downside to this approach is at a high amp discharge rate causes voltage drop (voltage depression). In order to sustain comparable power it requires the use of heavier and more expensive 30C cells. Another approach to combat voltage depression is to use a higher cell count of 14s-16s rated cells. Increasing the sell count however; costs more weight and of course, money. By the shear factor of the weight of these cells require more power to fly on the same speed as the light weight set up.

The TJ100 has the advantage of high power at a light weight over all other fan systems on the market. Watt per watt The TJ100 propulsion system is 20% more efficient than the competition. This translates to less cost and less weight to get the performance you need.

Another advantage the TJ100 propulsion system is the diameter of the fan. Our fans are only 100mm ID. Because of the small size of our fan, our propulsion system fits perfectly within the confines of scale jets with smaller intakes.

What makes TJ100 fan different:gfs

  • Using carbon fiber, glass fiber/nylon and aluminum material for highest rigid structure and lightest weight
  • Center aluminum body heat sink
  • High rigid structure design able to run up to 46k RPM to produce high efflux velocity for maximum speed and efficiency
  • Standard 22-25C Lipos which save weight and cost
  • Made in USA
  • Knowledgeable support giving you best recommendation for your individual set-up
  • We also has inlet ducting available for most popular kits on the market to work with our TJ100 fan

Watch this fan in action in these videos:
TJ-100 Video Gallery

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